The educational services are carried out in different formats. Usually, two educational specialists provide the educational work along with a pedagogic assistant. Alternatively, an educational specialist works together with a full-time teacher (co-teaching). Depending on size and focus, up to five educational specialists can be deployed and collaborate with other speakers.

The formats of the educational services are very flexible. These include:

  • University seminars for two semester periods per week
  • Lecture meetings at universities
  • Teaching units at colleges
  • Presentations at conventions and conferences
  • Exercises and participation as guest speakers in individual meetings
  • Workshops (one-day or more)
  • Guided excursions to facilities and service providers for people with disabilities
  • Training seminars
  • In-house trainings
  • Study trips
  • Large group events (up to 300 people)

The educational specialists have for example already organized a seminar entitled "Classroom Management in Inclusive Settings" at the Center for Teacher Education of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, an in-house training course on “Lifeworlds of people with disabilities – experts in their own cause” for the employees of a ministry or held a speech during the lecture "Inclusion” of the Europa-Universität-Flensburg.