The Pilot Project Inclusive Education

The Institute for Inclusive Education derived from the pilot project Inclusive Education (Term November 2013 to end of October 2016) of Stiftung Drachensee. This pilot project has for the first time worldwide achieved three related objectives. These include:

  • education of people with disabilities in a three-year full-time qualification as educational specialists and
  • permanent implementation of their educational services in the regular curricula of colleges and universities and
  • creation of paid employment on the general labour market for educational specialists.

The pilot project was promoted by Aktion Mensch and supported by a broad networking forum with actors from colleges and universities, politics, administration and self-representation associations.

In order to secure and expand the success of the pilot project, the Stiftung Drachensee founded the Institut für Inklusive Bildung as a non-profit limited company.