The Institute for Inclusive Education realises inclusion – people with disabilities experience real participation in the labour market and, with their expertise and educational work, break down barriers in the minds of people without disabilities. In order to realise our vision, it is important to measure the impact of our work. We document the effectiveness in accordance with the Social Reporting Standard (SRS) in our Annual Report in German. These changes have been effected by the institute in recent years:

Impact on the educational specialists

  • Change from a factory (workshop) to the general job market
  • Enhanced status through teaching at colleges and universities
  • Professional competence development
  • Personality development: more self-confidence, leisure activities, etc.  
  • Independent lifestyle, reduction of support services

Impact on participants of educational events

  • A more positive attitude towards inclusion
  • Professional attitude towards people with disabilities
  • Appreciation of abilities and skills of people with disabilities
  • Realistic self-efficacy assessment
  • Interest in inclusive topics
  • Raised awareness of accessibility

Impact on a social level

  • Participation of people with disabilities in social life
  • More visibility for the skills and needs of people with disabilities
  • Welfare state relief through financial independence of educational specialists
  • Fundamental rights of people with disabilities are respected: like everyone else, they can freely decide on their money, their living situation and their private life


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