Bildungsarbeit muss man lernen!

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The Institute for Inclusive Education offers people with disabilities a comprehensive qualification as educational specialists. The full-time qualification takes three years. It runs along a module manual with related qualification objectives, contents and examination requirements. It contains the following modules:

  1. Work and education: The structure and importance of work and education in the context of disability and participation in society.
  2. Participation: The understanding of participation and normality, fundamental democratic processes, institutions and functions in the community, participation in society and politics and related rights.
  3. Educational work put in practice: Communication of the lives, needs and perspectives of people with disabilities. Planning, performance, evaluation and reflection of the educational work.
  4. Methods, tools and techniques of educational work.
  5. Closing module.

Key element is the practical module, which comprises a dual set-up. This module runs through the entire qualification and contains increasingly complex educational tasks at universities and colleges.

By means of the module manual and the corresponding competency orientation, the qualification scope, as well as the integration of the educational work at the participating colleges and universities, the Institut für Inklusive Bildung ensures a high quality. This allows the education specialists to establish themselves in long-term educational work, hence employment is created.