Spheres of life: The educational offerings cover various spheres of life of people with and without disabilities. These include, among others, the subject areas

  • Education,
  • Work,
  • Housing,
  • Leisure,
  • Culture and
  • Health.

Depending on the event, these topics can be further specified. The subject of education can for instance be divided into experiences with education in schools and vocational training, as can the topic of work include dealing with factories (workshops) for people with disabilities and their participation in the general labour market.


Questions or content focuses: Across all spheres of life, certain questions or content focuses can be worked on. Examples for these include:

  • Access all areas? Joint exploration of the respective institution „with the help” of simulated disabilities.
  • Participation: Reality and desire (depending on the sphere of life).
  • What is good support? Professional work for and with people with disabilities.
  • Dealing with heterogeneity in school and teaching.
  • Inclusive competence for managerial staff and HR managers.
  • Requirements on an inclusive labour market.
  • Professional attitude as a basis for teacher training.


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