Inclusion should be self-evident at all levels of education.
Here is why:

  • Education is the key to participation and realisation opportunities
  • Education opens up opportunities on the first labour market and thus an independent and self-determined life  
  • Education promotes individual personality development
  • Education offers the opportunity to recognize and develop the abilities of people with and without disabilities on an equal level

Once people with disabilities are present in the academic world and involved in the training of future professionals, barriers in the minds of people without disabilities are removed while preconditions for a more inclusive society at all levels are created. Specifically, we therefore want to build up a qualification as an education specialist at ten university locations in Germany over the next five years and thus qualify 60 people with disabilities to become educational specialists.

The central reference point for our vision is the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The Institute for Inclusive Education aims at a worldwide establishment of educational specialists so that people with disabilities can teach competently as experts in their own cause (Article 8). Further qualifications in the areas of culture, digitisation or business consulting could further open access to the tertiary education system and realise the right to education (Article 24).  Only on the basis of good education can the right to work and employment be translated into reality in accordance with Article 27.

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